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  1. General
    I searched the forum, didn't see my issue so thought I'd give it a shot. AC compressor wouldn't run for more than 10 minutes before turning off completely until the engine cools and the 10 minute cycle would reset. Additionally, I had to replace the fan clutch (needed, it locked up [and the ac...
  2. General
    My 2005 GMC Envoy has 171,000+ miles on it. After running for about 15min or so, when I'm at idle at a redlight my oil pressure drops, but if I put it in neutral and rev the engine it goes back up. I checked the oil level while warm and it was good. Most of my parts are in good shape as I've...
  3. Pictures and Videos
    :woohoo: :woot::woot: how you doin? like Joy says
1-4 of 4 Results