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  1. General
    I have a question. What exactly can homelink do. I have heard about the garage door opener, but not too sure what the other portion is for. The part with what looks like stop, play, and record buttons.
  2. Audio and Electronics
    In my overhead console, the homelink and voice recorder are not working. No lights when I push the buttons - nothing. The switches to open the rear windows work, but otherwise I have zip. I've looked at the fuse schedule in the owners manual, but I can't find which fuse controls those. Any...
  3. Audio and Electronics
    I've been wanting to add the Homelink feature to my overhead console, and have been keeping an eye out for a console that has it, as well as the other options I currently have (dome lights; OnStar mic; EXT cargo window switches) So far, no dice. So I had the bright idea, what if I got ahold of...
  4. Audio and Electronics
    Hello, i am aslo wanting to add home link and RKE, i was able to get a map light assm w/home link and a LGM from a wreck Envoy over the weekend and want to install it in my 06 Ascender, it has the small set of lights in the headliner, so other than cutting a hole in the headliner and putting the...
1-4 of 4 Results