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  1. Homelink/Recorder Not Working

    Audio and Electronics
    In my overhead console, the homelink and voice recorder are not working. No lights when I push the buttons - nothing. The switches to open the rear windows work, but otherwise I have zip. I've looked at the fuse schedule in the owners manual, but I can't find which fuse controls those. Any...
  2. Adding Homelink w/o Full Overhead Console Swap??

    Audio and Electronics
    I've been wanting to add the Homelink feature to my overhead console, and have been keeping an eye out for a console that has it, as well as the other options I currently have (dome lights; OnStar mic; EXT cargo window switches) So far, no dice. So I had the bright idea, what if I got ahold of...
  3. Also adding home link and RKE w/ new LGM

    Audio and Electronics
    Hello, i am aslo wanting to add home link and RKE, i was able to get a map light assm w/home link and a LGM from a wreck Envoy over the weekend and want to install it in my 06 Ascender, it has the small set of lights in the headliner, so other than cutting a hole in the headliner and putting the...