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  1. OEM Issues
    Hey All, I have a 2006 Saab 9-7x with HID headlights. Lately the passenger side low beam has been giving me problems. I have had the ballast go out, about 6 months ago, which has been replaced at that time. The access cover is missing though, which I believe is letting moisture in shorting...
  2. Pictures and Videos
    I cleaned my truck up yesterday since its been raining here all week. I just lowered it last weekend so I needed some new pics (taken with my Galaxy S4). :-) 2008 Trailblazer 2LT (4.2L) mods: - polished 18" 3LT wheels - Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs - 20% tint - Vent Visors - DDMtuning 4500K...
  3. Exterior
    Hello I was just wondering on which brand of projector headlights to get. I have found Anzo, Spec-D, and CG. Thanks, Martin
  4. Exterior
    So i just picked up another trailblazer 2007 LT i love hid hav e them on my bikes but my acura came with them. There is alot of info about the instal process and what i need. I just want someone to tell me what to get as far as DRL killer and relays, Im confused on that part i would like to do...
  5. Exterior
    OK, So I have been doing a lot of reading and searching here lately about adding HID's to my 03 Envoy XL. I've got a pretty decent understanding of why I'd want to kill the DRL's etc so that the HIDs get full power and all of that stuff. I've been considering what options I would like best...
  6. Exterior
    Anyone know where I can get ahold of a DRL Kill that does the quad beams? Looking to install Hids in low beams and fogs on my 06 SS, but wanting them to stay on when I switch on the high beams too. I don't want DRLs but automatic headlights are okay.... anyone got the go to guy?
  7. Audio and Electronics
    I have 8000k low beams with relay that run perfectly. I have a DRL killer. I just installed new Fog lights and have 6000k HID in them with a relay. The Low beams are turned on via the signal from my left factory headlight. My fogs are turned on via the signal from my right factory headlight...
  8. Exterior
    I had a shop install Jetttstream's DRL killer in my 06 LT (QUAD w/ AUTO w/ FOG). Unfortunately, the lights don't work properly and the shop is near my parents' place 80 miles away. Can anyone look at the pics and maybe decipher what is wrong? I no longer have the instructions that were sent...
  9. Exterior
    Ordered VVME HID with the relay. I have already installed Tblazed DRL Killer and it worked with my halogen lights. My HID work when I bypass the relay and just plug the factory into the ballasts (there is a 10 inch extension wire that is black/blue that VVME has attached to the bulb wires). So...
  10. HID

    VVME HID's 9006 low/fog and 9005 high. Switchbacks. PlasmaGlow Night Raider scanning LED
  11. Pictures and Videos Also check out my gallery for pics. The Zaino is amazing stuff!! :cool:
  12. VVME HID

    6000K low/fog, 5000K high. PlasmaGlow Night Raider Scanning LED, autolumination switchback park lamps
  13. Engine Dressing

    Engine Degreased and dressed with Chemical Guys Black On Black. K&N Cold Air Intake. Modded PCM from PCMforLess. Optima Yellow Top. VVME HID's 6000K lows/fogs, 5000K highs
  14. Exterior
    As promised...THE (day) PICS (night pics coming shortly). I spent the better part of the week detailing and Zaino-ing. Z5, Z5, Z2, Z5, Z2 - this was after I had a service come out and compound/polish prior to Zaino. Didn't show much of the interior because not a whole lot of mods to show. It is...
  15. Exterior
    i followed the directions exactly from the site and hooked everything up the right way as far as i could tell checked my HI 4 and that worked just fine but now when i am driving my car my DRL are still on and burning up my ballasts from my hids pictures will be posted of install if any one can...
  16. Exterior
    Got my HID 6k Fog kit from vvme yesterday so I immediately went to install them. Had some issues getting the bulbs to fit tightly in the fog housing but all is good. Turned the power on and snapped this pic: Later that evening, i went to take it for a ride to try them out and the driver's...
  17. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hello Forum, it's Martin again, I really liked the license plate LEDs that I have installed, so thanks for your help. Now, I am going to buy these HIDs from ($100 with shipping), and I plan on buying something more visually appealing "buckets" or headlight covers, maybe something...
  18. halos

    Moved running(lowbeams) to where the highbeams were so there is no chance of burning the halos put in halo fogs, moved higbeams to where the fog lights are. please rate and feedback and suggestions tips or likes thank you!
  19. Lights done

    Moved running(lowbeams) to where the highbeams were so there is no chance of burning the halos put in halo fogs, moved higbeams to where the fog lights are please rate and feedback and suggestions tips or likes thank you!
1-19 of 35 Results