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  1. Sudden loss of power for 2006 Trailblazer 5.3 AFM engine

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Background leading up to the beginning of power loss/drop: I have been receiving the P0171 and P1074 codes that have been set on and then set off. The entire intake air section has been checked for leaks using water and Starting fluid, no signs in the change of engine RPMS. I have lived with...
  2. Rough Idle

    Hello all, I've had the great honor of being stuck with rough idle issue. There is a multitude of issues I'm getting at one time and I believe they're all related. At stop lights I will stop then my tach shows the rpms drop down to 500 or 450, shake a little bit, then jump immediately back up to...
  3. Engine Hesitation/Lack of Power - Tricky one!

    OEM Issues
    Ok fellow Trailvoyers I got a tough one i need help with. I am having an engine stutter on occasion when accelerating from a stop. It happens only occasionally and intermittently. Doesn't seem related to weather or temperature. And it's only for a quick half second and then drives fine...
  4. [SOLVED] DIY Throttle Position Sendor, code PO121 5.3 V8

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I wanted to share some info on my successful fix for code PO121, indicating problems with the throttle position sensor. I followed Youtube instructions on removing, cleaning and replacing the throttle body. I was able to find just the sensor, part number 19-259-452. It was $43 delivered. Most...
  5. Power, shifting issue(s)

    OK, my 04 Envoy IL-6 is misbehaving.. When I get on the gas, it seems to hesitate a bit, then as I press harded, it takes off somewhat but then up around 6k rpm, it hesitates again and then shifts hard into the next gear.. It almost feels like it's starved for fuel? Like it's fighting itself...
  6. [SOLVED] 2003 Envoy Severe Hesitation and Stalling

    just a note ...... i've solved a huge problem with my suv and it did alot of head scratching before i figured it out, here's what i did, i hope someone else finds it usefull..... Symptom: started out as intermittant loss of power then progressed over the weeks to hesitation and then sputtering...