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  1. General
    02' TB LT 4x4, 171,000 mi. Just replaced a broke tranny with a used one...I know not the smartest move, but save the comments. The tranny was inspected and is functioning mechanically. The issues are as follows: Speedometer now reads ZERO all the time - worked fine before swap. Tranny won't...
  2. Brakes
    For some reason the abs will kick on and off while driving. I haven't experienced yet. It's my grandfathers 05 Envoy base model not sure if its the sle or slt or even the difference between the two. Anyway it will kick on and off nothing that causes you to get in to an accident. I was talking...
  3. Off-Road
    Hi everyone. I am in need of some good 4x4 rims but I do not want to go bigger than 16s. i enjoy the motometal rims but cannot seem to find any to fit my 04 ls. If anyone has any good sites to find 16 inch offroad black rims please help. Thank you. :thx
  4. General
    I have a little round black switch on the front corners of my seats , its not lumbar or power seat switches . I'm thinkin its for seat warmers but the manual states thats on the armrest . If its a seat warmer switch , they dont work or do nothing . Where exactley is the seat warmer switch on a...
1-4 of 4 Results