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heated seats

  1. Heated Seat Rewiring

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I have heated seats (02TBLTZ) with two options, one option for "back and bottom" and one option for "back only". I am wondering if it is possible to rewire the "back only" feature to be a "bottom only" feature instead? I would still like to the back heater to work under the "back and bottom"...
  2. Power Windows & Heated Seats

    Hi Everyone, Having an odd issue with my 2006 Trailblazer LT. Driver's side heated seat is turning on when I start the truck. The lights on the button lights up for a second or two when I start it and then go out, but the seat stays on. Power windows also won't stay down. I can hold any or...
  3. [SOLVED] 2006 Envoy XL locks / widows / heated seats not working

    I recently changed the mode actuator because heat was not blowing out the vents. After i have done and buttoned everything up i noticed that the driver side door switches for heated seats, locks, mirror, seat memory would not work. The passenger side is the same. I press unlock/lock from the...
  4. Heated Seats Question

    Hey guys I have been putting this off too long, Winter is almost over and I want to use my heated seats. So I have a few pics to of what I need to do. The first part is I was able to upgrade my non-power seats (cloth) to leather seats. I was able to connect new wires for the Power (org) cable...
  5. Hiya!

    New to the Envoy world! Just bought mine 3 weeks ago, and already glad for it. 2004 SLT w/91k, 4X4, fully loaded for $9k. And with 3yr powertrain! Couldn't beat that! got some issues, and hoping to do some moderate mods, like grille guard, performance chip, And having some issues. Hope you...
  6. Power Seat, Driver side only, no movement.

    Had my wife's commuter '02 Trlblzr LTZ today for a bit and noted absolutely no movement in the driver's side power seat (forward, backward, up or down, lumbar, all gone) and I also noted that the seats heating indicators would not come on and the seat did not heat up. Passenger side worked fine...
  7. Can I heat my seats? '04 TB LT

    When cleaning out my TB, I noticed a whip coming out of the bottom of my (full power adjustment) driver's seat with a connector at the end of it, but no unconnected wires coming from the floor. Is it possible that this is for heated seat? Could the element be there, but not the wiring from the...