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  1. General
    I was wondering if anyone here has ever replaced their headliner in their envoy? I have an 05 envoy that has a headliner I would like to cover up. It is also coming undone from whatever fasteners or velcro holding it on to the metal around the sunroof. All the videos I've seen are removing their...
  2. Interior
    What is the location of the side air bags? I am trying to wire a radar detector and need to know if there is an air bag in the headliner. I know only of the one in the side of the seat.
  3. Interior
    I am having a problem with my headliner in my '07 TB LT. Behind the sunroof, where the dome light is, the headliner keeps sagging/dropping down. I can push up on it and it will stay for about a minute and then I can hear the "velcro" releasing and it drops back down. It is only dropping about...
  4. Show and Shine
    I have some dirt on my headliner, does anybody know how to clean dirt spots and finger prints off of the headliner
  5. OEM Issues
    Thanks for all the info so far, seriously learning a lot. I need to take down my headliner so I can put it back up correctly as it is presently coming down around the sunroof. I have read the correct way to reattach it on a different thread, but how do I take it down? Do I need to unclip or...
1-5 of 5 Results