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  1. Question! about headlights

    Hello Everyone, Twice this week while driving at night my headlights have gone off then after a minute or so they came back on.. What could be causing this? I keep my headlights on automatic so i never have to worry about turning them on or off. Thanks! Misti
  2. Headlights won't turn on...

    Just found out last night, that my headlights are not working. I'm going to inspect it now and see if I can figure out why.. I don't feel as if its 2 bulbs out, seems like more of an electrical issue. I have the auto lights, but also when I tried to manually turn them on, they don't. However...
  3. Automatic Headlights always on

    Hello All - I've searched for a few hours to try and fix this issue, but didn't see anything. I have an 06 Envoy and the low beams are always on when the switch is in 'auto' position. I've tried switching 45 and 46 change. All other functions of the switch work properly (lights...
  4. HID Installed!!! w/pics

    So Mr. FedEx came today with my DDM Tuning HID Kit... First Mod To Gunner! :woot: :woohoo: :woot: 6000k 55w High Beam Kit Old Lights (Day) Old Light Output (Day) Ballast Location Behind Headlight Light Assembly New Lights (Day) New Light Output (Day) New Lights Output (Night) New...
  5. Trailblazer Low Beams

    The low beam headlights just randomly shut off sometimes and will not turn back on. After the truck has sat a little while, they work again. This started about 6 months ago and they are starting to go out more frequently. Any Ideas?
  6. Dr Whistler painted headlights

    Pictures and Videos
    I was looking for some pics of dr whistler lights but didn't find too many before doing my second set. so I figured I'd share some because sharing is caring :grouphug: put the ones from my old tb on while the paint on the new ones dried. looked better than i thought, it would probably look...
  7. Envoy HID Retrofit Request

    I'm looking to get some projectors retrofitted into my Envoy headlights. I've seen some pictures of others who have done it on here. My questions were what projectors did you use, and what shrouds? I don't want to black out anything on the headlights, I'd like to keep them as "chrome/shiny"...
  8. Headlight problem - lows out

    Ok so Ill start from the beginning. I bought HID lights (8000k 60W). I used to have the 30W. Since Ive had the 60W lights I have been having problems with them just cutting off while Im driving, eventually coming back on. However, last week they went out and havnt come back on. I checked the...
  9. AVS projektorz Headlight covers for Envoy!?!

    hey i have been having alot of trouble finding the AVS Projectorz for my 04' Envoy lol. If any one has them do you think you could help me out. Thanks
  10. Headlight problems with 2004 Trailblazer

    OEM Issues
    I have an 04 Trailblazer LS, 4.2L 4WD. Around September 2004, I replaced the stock headlights with Sylvania Silverstar bulbs... Ever since then, every 4-6 months one of my headlights burns out. Then within 2-4 weeks later, the other side burns out. I've spent $300-$400 on headlights...
  11. Headlamps not working in Automatic Headlamp Mode

    OEM Issues
    I have an 04 Envoy. The headlamps will work when I turn them on, but today they stopped working in automatic mode. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Headlights; Low beams quit, Hi beams ok

    Audio and Electronics
    2004 Envoy XL SLT, has daytime running lights with daylight sensor in dash. Just yesterday, both the low beams quit working. Parking lights & Hi beams are fine. I searched here. Swapped the lo beam 10A lamp fuses with hi beam fuses and the fuses are ok. Swapped relay 45-FAN and 46-HDM...
  13. 2005 TB HID Low Beam Problem

    Hi everyone, I don't post as often as I'd like to, but I stay current with reading everything in the forums here. I have a problem with HID low beams turning completely off and on intermittently (not flickering or dimming) while driving. Sometimes it does it slowly while other times it flashes...
  14. Headlight Low Beam Problem!

    I have a '04 Envoy that both driver and passenger sides headlights are out. It's not the bulbs, i replaced both of them. i checked the fuse and the fuse is fine, so i tested the wiring of the connector of the headlamp, and on both sides passenger and driver, i'm getting a short with all of the...