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  1. General
    Hi there, I've just newly encountered the known issue with the low-beams going out. I switched out the relays and that worked. Now, I have a check engine light on. Both the fan and lights are working. Help!!
  2. Audio and Electronics
    Looking for a recommendation for an HID kit for my 06 LS TB. Preferably under $150. Whats better 35W or 55W? How difficult was it for you to install them and should I use a relay? All answers much appreciated. :thx
  3. Exterior
    I installed my HID's with a V-LEDS DRL killer. The first time blew my headlight fuse for my left headlight. I disconnected it and ran without the DRL killer just fine and shutting the DRL's off when we got in. I hooked it back up thinking that I probably just had the polarity reversed the first...
1-3 of 3 Results