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  1. 02-09 General Tech Q&A
    Hello All, trying to replace my bose head unit in my 06 with a Kenwood with XM, usb touch screen. Unit was $400 but they are telling me the wire harness to go with is $150 and it still does not include the XM antenna needed. With faceplate and all, im looking at 2/3 of what the radio cost...
  2. a stock looking center dash

    Added a SONY XAV-AX 100, an extra switch instead of a third 12v outlet for the fiber optics, took apart all the modules and soldered white LEDs into the motherboards. Switched all the status lights to red LEDS!
  3. General
    I was puzzled as to why my alarm doesn't go off. I've done numerous tests, including locking the door, leaving the window down and reaching my hand in to unlock the car. No alarm. Figured out that if you replace the factory radio or head unit, the alarm is basically disabled. I know that I...
  4. Audio and Electronics
    i have a 05 TB ls non bose. the stock stereo was intermittenly sounding like the speaker on my ipod(volume all the way up and not much sound). i went to a car audio place and they said my factory amp was prolly going out. they said i could put in an aftermarket HU and it would bypass my...
  5. Audio and Electronics
    Getting ready to replace my factory head unit and add Sat Radio... I've heard that the keyless entry remotes are received by the external am/fm radio antenna, and processed by the factory head unit before being passed on for processing. I've also heard that sometimes install techs will hide...
  6. Audio and Electronics
    I have a 2002 TB LS with the factory head unit and crappy stock speakers (non bose). My LF speaker blew out a while ago and I'm just now getting around to fixing it. I bought a pair of Pioneer TS-G1643R two-way 30RMS from Crutchfield to replace both front speakers. I don't think I'll have any...
  7. Audio and Electronics
    Hi everyone. How can I tell if my 2006 Trailblazer LS has a BOSE system or not. I do have a 6CD changer and when I turn the power on for the head unit, it says "Bose" in the display, but does not say BOSE anywhere on the head unit. I have 2 speakers in the dash, 2 in the front doors and 2 in...
  8. Audio and Electronics
    I got this sony head unit and im wiring it up to the harness and i dont know where the blue (Ant rem) and a orange (illumination) that doesnt have a match. I was just wondering where they go or what im supposed to do with them. Needs some help, thanks. The blue one is from the Head unit and the...
  9. Stereo

    Clarion Head Unit
  10. Stereo

    Clarion Head Unit
  11. Audio and Electronics
    I have 2004 trailblazer and i wanna replace my stock head unit, i went to best buy earlier and they told me the wiring harness was 120 bucks. Is this the regular price for a wiring harness? The one for my 1st car was 20 bucks, is there a place i can find one cheaper?\ No, i dont have either...
  12. Audio and Electronics
    i want to put an after market head unit in my TB. Do i need a Special wiring kit to install one? i have done installs many times before but not on a late model gm. Details about the TB: 2003 Trailblazer LT does not have onstar is not bose either does not not have stearing wheel controls also i...
  13. Kenwood ddx-7015

    This is the Kenwood ddx-7015; I love it! I really like how you can still view dvd's while the truck drives, the navigation, and the ability to play burnt mp3 dvd's (over 4 gig's worth, and it's all organized as well).
1-13 of 13 Results