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  1. Exterior
    Hi, I am trying to figure out if a hatch from a non ext trailblazer will fit a ext model? Online all i can find is the the rear door iz differant due to wheelbase but the dosent seem to effect the tailgate....thanks.
  2. OEM Issues
    When I open the gate, the handle sticks open and i have to manually push it back down. I can hear the mechanism that locks it after it shuts try to work, but if I grab the bottom of the gate and pull like I'm trying to open it it opens right up, even after I hit the lock button. I sprayed WD-40...
  3. General
    A couple months ago, my rear hatch wouldn't open. I was about to take it to my friend's body shop, as I was really close, but at the next stop -- it worked. After talking to him about it, he told me that it had to be the locks, as they were electrical, as the linkage was manual. I really...
  4. Interior
    Does anyone know how that awful rear hatch strap assembly comes apart? I'm afraid if I pry and poke much more I'll mangle it. What it's supposed to look like.