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  1. Envoy Denali matching lower grille/billet?

    Hey All! This is my first post! I wanted to know if anyone knows how and where to find a lower grille/billet to match the upper billet? I have the stock chrome Denali billet and I want her to match. :crazy:
  2. Waag center guard

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hi, I have seen a few pics of the Waag center guard. I think Waag has discontinued it however. I am wondering if anyone wants to sell their? Or know of a place where I can get one? Thanks, Martin
  3. Newbie 06 envoy xl!

    ]ey Everyone! New to the Forum! Sorry If I'm jumping into it here... sorry I wrote a short story! Just bought a 2006 ENVOY SLT XL with 41,000 miles on it for a fantastic price. Its Clean! All Black exterior and interior. Standard 6 disc player, I think its Bose? From Massachusetts so...
  4. Winter approaches - painted wheels

    Finally got around to painting my winter wheel set (my stock wheels, I don't like the chrome ones being exposed to so much salt). They were in rough shape with that film peeling off and such. I didn't work to get them absolutely perfect, but I got them where I wanted them. I'll likely mess them...
  5. Thoughts Needed!!!

    I have a 02 TB LS all white, with the only exception being the black plastic on the top of the rear bumper and the black mesh grill. However the crossbar is chrome and I am thinking of blacking it out. No other chrome on the entire vehicle. Will this look awkward if I put the crossbar, bowtie...
  6. Looking for an SS grill with bars for my 06 LT!

    Hello again all, I've decided to take your word for it and find a good SS grill with the bars for my LT. Because I have an 06 LT, my headlights are the newer version that don't have the split in the center for the bars. Because I've decided to find a good set of halo's for it, I'm having to...
  7. Paint grill badge

    I am thinking about painted the red grill badge on the front of my 2003 Envoy. Has anyone done this or have pics of this? Tips on how to do it are also appreciated? Can you get stickers as opposed to painting it?
  8. Painted Mesh & Bowtie w/ Grill Lights

    hey guys so i decided to paint my grill mesh along with the bowtie, and decided to add some leds to the grill. im halfway there with everything painted and i know where im going to mount the leds. Any advice on weather or not i should paint the chrome bar black or leave it silver?
  9. Mesh grill Mod (pics)

    Finally, pics of the completed project.
  10. grill glow

    So I have been looking around the forum for some mods that I could do and I saw a picture of someones tb with a flame pattern grill with red glow behind it but I couldn't find anything about doing this. Its a really sweat idea and I was wondering how I could do something similar to my Envoy and...
  11. Grill Mod by Pro-Tuning Labs

    Has anyone purchased the Grill that Pro-Tuning Labs sells? If so, please post a pic. GMC Envoy Chrome Grill: BTW. I put in their Halo Fogs and are pretty happy with them.
  12. Up close and personal

    Up close and personal

  13. Please help!!!! Part# grill

    I've done my search so please do not get mad. But what I am look'n for is the part number for the grill piece that has the bow tie. I would like the parts number for the white one or any place or website that it may be found at. thanks for any advise.
  14. 0722081924_grill


    cleaned and shiney
  15. Grill


  16. JL 12W6V2

    JL 12W6V2

    This is my new grille for my sub. Hopefully all is safe now in the back