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gauge lights

  1. How to replace a gauge cluster light

    Hello yall I just recently bought my 2004 Trailblazer LS, and one of the lights went out where the tachometer is around the 1-3000 RPM. I am kinda on an amateur level when it comes to these replacements, could some one direct me to a page on here that shows you how to, or explain to me how to...
  2. New thermostat sensor is giving crzy reading!!!!

    OEM Issues
    Everyone i have a 2004 trailblazer and have been getting the thermo senser code P0128... i replaced the temp gauge but now its not reading at all. my truck isnt running hot or anything.. but every now and then the thermostat gauge hand will jump from lowest to highest and then back down to...
  3. Cluster Issue

    My cluster on my Envoy just started to have problems (it was replaced 2 years ago). When I started the car, the parking brake, ABS, battery and air bag indicator lights are on and stay on. The fuel, oil, temp and battery gauge are stuck at zero. And lastly if you look at the gas range or...
  4. Gas gauge lighting ?

    OEM Issues
    My gas gauge does not light up as bright as all the other gauges in the cluster. I have done a search and found that it is the bulbs behind the overlay but did not see any info on what type of bulb or were to purchase them. Anyone else that has done this repair please help me find the bulbs...