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  1. 02-09 General Tech Q&A
    Does anyone know where the fuel pump would be located from INSIDE the vehicle on a '07 Trailblazer? And yes I'm very much aware that there's not a factory access.I just followed a set of instructions from another forum and cut a hole in the wrong location (under the driver side back seat). I...
  2. OEM Issues
    When all else fails, turn to the fine folks of the interwebs for help. I have a 2005 4wd I6 SWB Trailblazer with 140K miles, all mine. No mods, stepper moter replacements have been done. Serviced between 3K and 5K miles its entire life. 3 weeks ago, went to pass a vehicle, all dashboard...
  3. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    HI, i was wondering why and is there anything i can do to keep my gas from burning up so quick. it is basicly when i hit the gas pretty hard. and i know it burns up more but, it seems like the gas gage goes down faster than it should. is there anything i can do to keep it from doing that?
  4. General
    When my fuel gauge first started acting up, it would read fine when it was full down to about a half tank. After that half tank, every time I cranked it, it would go up to the proper level and then slowly fall to empty and stay there. Then it just stayed on empty for the last year. Today I...
  5. OEM Issues
    Hi, I have a 05 TB LS. The problem I am having is. When the engine is shut off, the fuel gauge needle does not always return to the "E" indicator. So if lets say the gauge was reading 1/2 and turned of, the needle would stay put. And when restarted the fuel gauge would read the previous 1/2...
  6. OEM Issues
    my check engine has been going on and off every 50 miles on for 50 then off for 50... my gas cap is stripped so it never locks like it used to.... but now my gas gauge goes up and down randomly i can top it off and it will show Empty or run empty and it will show Full... i am scared to take it...
1-6 of 6 Results