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  1. Dashboard indicators and gauges wrong after battery disconnect

    Audio and Electronics
    Hi, on 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada, whenever the battery is disconnected or the vehicle jump started, the needles on all the gauges and the speedometer would spin all over the place and not return to their original position. I have to disconect the battery again and try couple of times before they...
  2. Very quick and simple possible solution for HVAC control and Calibration

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I'm hoping this will help a few folks with HVAC/calibration issues. I recently had the control module to my heater motor fry. Upon fixing it I quickly realized I had other issues. The HVAC unit would only blow hot air on my feet and it would not switch to any other position. I went through many...
  3. 2003 Trailblazer blowing fuse for engaging shifting button

    OEM Issues
    Ok I need your help again. Something is blowing my fuse that connects to the shifter button on my shifter. When I drive and go into park, the button gets stuck. I change out the fuse (#27 I think or #25) which is a 20amp fuse and she works again. Could this be the solenoid going out? I took out...
  4. Parking Lamp // Headlight Issue

    Hey gang, It's been a while since I've needed to post on here, but I'm sort of stuck. I'm not sure of the technical terms of everything, but I'll try to describe everything to my best ability. For a long time, when my low beam headlights are on, the orange light on the side doesn't light up...
  5. 2008 Envoy - Gear Shift Stuck

    I have a 2008 envoy, I turned off the car and the key was caught in the ignition, went to turn it back on and the car was completely dead, no power to anything, so I: 1. checked the battery and it was dead and so I replaced it, the car was energized as normal, I could start the car but the...
  6. '05 Envoy XUV blows IGN B when key turned to ACC

    Strange electrical problem I'm having trouble tracking-down. A week ago I'm in the drive-thru ATM and the Envoy quits running. Won't crank, windows won't go up, and can't get the truck out of park (radio and door locks work, though). Have it towed to a shop and they take the column apart but...
  7. Rear Speakers Out 08 Envoy

    Audio and Electronics
    I have heard two options for this issue that was intermittent, and now a total failure of the sound in the rear speakers, and need help please. I heard it could be factory radio has issues- or the speakers ! The front ones work but are low. Could the Delphi Amp under rear seat control those or...
  8. [SOLVED] 2002 Trailblazer LowBeams Out, Fuses/Relay Good

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    My 02 Trailblazer LS lost low beams last week, right after jump starting a guy with my car running. High beams are good. I checked underhood low beam fuses 3+6, swapped relays 45+46 (even tried a new one) and checked all the fuses in driver side 2nd row underseat fuse block: 4, 7, 32, 40, 50...
  9. 4WD doesn't work, #48 Under seat keeps blowing

    4x4 Drivetrain
    Hi all, I am a first time poster, but need some help. I have scoured the threads and have not found my exact issue. Since I bought the vehicle the 4WD selector switch has been dark and I have never had an indicator light on the dash. I tried pulling #8 under the hood, but it did not help. I...
  10. Please Help. Reverse Lights not going on. Fuses are OK.

    Trailvoy fans. Please help. I posted earlier and have more information now. I have a problem with my reverse lights not coming on. I checked both fuses with an Ohm Meter (one up front #27 and one under left passenger seat #32) and both are fine. While in reverse (and also neutral) with the...
  11. Rear Window Defroster Not Working

    My rear window defroster is not working. I push the button on the dash & the light comes on. There is no power to the fuse to the rear defogger under the rear driver side passenger seat. I am also having problems with my stereo speakers cutting in & out. Previous owner or some also replaced...
  12. Help my electrical system went crazy and now no start

    OEM Issues
    A couple of weeks ago I blew a fuse in the box under the hood that kept the engine from starting. This happened a couple of times but no one seemed to know what was causing the problem. I bought a box of fuses and did not pursue the problem because I was having other health related problems...
  13. Factory DVD has No Power

    Audio and Electronics
    Alright, this is my first post but an important post. I have a 2004 trailblazer EXT which is pretty much loaded (which may be the first problem). My current issue is that over the holiday break (2009) the overhead DVD stopped for the long part of the story. SIMPLE...So I went...
  14. Gotta be safe!

    Gotta be safe!

    This is my 100amp fuse block.
  15. Starter won't start.

    While driving my 2002 I6 Trailblazer, I parked it. Went inside for 30 minutes, came back out and the starter would not turn over when the key was turned to the start position. I thought it was a fuse/relay, and replaced the starter relay and checked the fuses I could find related to ignition and...
  16. [SOLVED] Door opens, no lights come on.

    I was stupid, and while changing out the interior lights that come on automatically when the door is opened, I got a spark and poof! They no longer work. Everything else works, in fact I can push the light to toggle it and it still work, but nothing when I open the door or unlock/lock the...
  17. factory radio fuse?

    Audio and Electronics
    Here's what I got. 07 TB LT with non bose. I wanted to run a 4 channel amp so I got the PAC RCA box to run RCA cables right from the head unit. I couldn't figure out how to get wires out to the speakers in the doors so I tapped into each speaker at the pillars where the wires come in from the...