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fuel tank

  1. Can't put fuel in tank-05 trailblazer

    So, I filled up the tank with no issues, drove about 125 miles and stopped to put more fuel in the tank. Well, the gas pump handle kept cutting of, so 30 minutes and 8 gallons later, it was filled. Took it to the repair shop and they spent the morning troubleshooting the filler, vent lines and...
  2. Squeaking noise coming from fuel tank?

    I have a 2007 Envoy 4.2L and when I drive over rough roads the car makes a very annoying squeaking noise. It definitely is coming from the back of the truck. The other day while pumping gas I realized if I shake the nozzle from the fuel pump while its in the filler neck it makes the same...
  3. [SOLVED] Sugar in the tank?

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Team I need a little help! About 2 weeks ago some POS :mad: vandalized my Trailblazer(cant wait til my neighbor with video gets home). The damage i can see is my tires were slashed. My problem is that when i opened up my gas cover the cap was lose. Does anyone know of a good way to check and...
  4. TIPS for Changing Fuel Sender in DETAIL / Fuel Clip Part Numbers

    OEM Issues
    So I changed my fuel sender on my own (everyone always says you can do it with a buddy) but just here's some tips before you venture underneath your car... Please keep in mind I am not a mechanic and the extent of my vehicular repair knowledge is limited to changing my oil and thats about it...
  5. Stolen Gas! Did it break the fuel sensor lever?

    Hello, Newbie here. My wife drives a 2005 GMC Envoy SLE 6cyl. While traveling for work, last night some low life stole her gas.:hissy: This morning the fuel door and gas cap were both open. Fuel gauge reads empty and low fuel light is on. She fills up the tank and gauge still reads empty and...