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  1. Frame Adjustment

    I'm new here and pretty sure this is not the correct location for this question, but I was unable to find the location for frame questions. We have a "new to us" '06 Trailblazer EXT 4x4. I have a rattle in my right rear and the shop is saying the frame needs to be adjusted near the gas tank. I...
  2. Underbody Painting

    I am looking to do some cleanup to the frame and under body of my 03 TB. I have painted cars before and understand how to paint so thats not the problem. I am a little unsure of how exactly to get at the under body and frame in the best manner. I will be removing any rust on the frame then...
  3. 02 Envoy Ground wire connections to frame

    Does anyone here know how many ground wire connections there are to the frame on a 2002 Envoy?
  4. 2004 Trailblazer - Looking for a Frame

    ...among other parts :) I'm attempting to curb our losses on a delivery mishap that occurred here. Basically, a car was being driven back from auction and was involved in a collision that caused a fair amount of body damage as well as knocking the frame silly. However, despite the damage to...