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  1. First Sysmtem || False floor / fibre box, 2din nav, rear view cam, alarm + starter

    Audio and Electronics
    First off, Im not doing the install myself, so just wanna give Ryan at Unique Visions a shout for making my thoughts come to life. In the dash, all Im dropping is a AVIC-F900BT head unit with built in nav and bluetooth. I havent powered the deck, but looks like Im gonna love it. Only mod to the...
  2. Gauge pods-possible attempt #2

    Ok I might be trying to make some gauge pods again for my Envoy. Last time I did this (On my trailblazer) I made a molding out of fiberglass. There were two problems That I didn't think about :duh:. 1. Attachment! Didn't think about how to attach the pillar since it didn't have those metal...