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  1. 02 Trailblazer new fan clutch not engaging

    I searched the forum, didn't see my issue so thought I'd give it a shot. AC compressor wouldn't run for more than 10 minutes before turning off completely until the engine cools and the 10 minute cycle would reset. Additionally, I had to replace the fan clutch (needed, it locked up [and the ac...
  2. Air Conditioning Issues

    2006 Saab 9-7x 4.2i We started noticing the issue on a road trip where we were driving 10 hrs/day. It's likely the issue was occurring before that but we didn't notice because it only got driven 10-15 minutes at a time. When we first started driving the A/C was strong and cold. The further we...
  3. No Heat when starting TB with remote start only when key turn

    Audio and Electronics
    I installed an Autopage CS-RS-730 remote starter in my 04 TB about 2 years ago. Upon exiting the car I would select the thermostat on setting 4 and position the other thermostat control to the windshield so that when I started the car in the morning it would defrost my window. All worked well...
  4. [SOLVED] Fan Clutch

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Ok I have this stupid question? I want to make my clutch on my fan stay ON... All the time, its messed up now, what it is doing is not rotating at the proper idle revolutions. And I dont have the money to buy a new one, so is there a way to just make it stay on, can i short it out/ or...
  5. Loud Fan Help

    Im not 100% where I would put this so here it is. Within the past 3 months or so my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer 4.2L has been experiencing some issues. Occasionally on ignition and sometimes randomly while driving the engine fan gets extremely loud. Like ridiculously loud and it just appears for...
  6. [SOLVED] UNSOLVED 04 ascender bad accel pedal pos. sensor and blower motor will not shut off

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I have replaced the accelerator pedal which holds the sensor. N it's still showing the same code, which has been reset, n it automatically turns the engine light on and it also goes into reduced power mode sporadically. Now just the other day the hvac blower won't shut off..I have to pull the...
  7. [SOLVED] No High Speed HVAC Blower

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    PLEASE NOTE: THIS ISSUE IS NOT SOLVED BUT THE SYSTEM WOULD NOT ACCEPT MY POST WITHOUT A PREFIX AND "SOLVED" IS THE ONLY CHOICE. Hi everyone! Well first of all my 02 LTZ found its way into a multiple vehicle wreck on July 30, 2012 and now resides in a salvage yard somewhere. Thankfully nobody was...
  8. Resistor FIX

    Resistor FIX

    Old vs. New Resistor Pack for blower/fan no wonder 1,2,3,4 didnt work and 5 shorted out the voltage to 11 haha YIKES
  9. Fan Belt Pulley / Tensioner bad?

    OEM Issues
    My 04 TB with 105K is making a pretty solid squeak (kinda like when you pull up to a stoplight and see some schmuck with a loose fan belt squealing like a stuck pig, although mine isn't that extreme, but now I'm that schmuck). Today I am going to take off the belt and turn that pulley by hand...
  10. AC issue

    OEM Issues
    So I've been searching through, reading a bunch of posts about AC issues, but still can't figure this one out. My problem is that the blowers don't seem to be working as well as they used to out of the front vents. When I have it set to just the dash vents, there is air coming out of the floor...
  11. Engine making weird intermittent sounds

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone. I've been lurking around here for some time, but have never run across a problem I've had to post on until now. I have a 2005 Envoy SLT 4x4 with a 4.2L engine. Lately my truck has been acting weird. There is a loud, almost like someone installed a super large fan, sound...
  12. fan wobbles?? what should I do?

    OEM Issues
    I just recently bought a 04 tb and a week later hit a deer. The deer did not survive and the tb was injured a good bit. Needless to say I had my stepdad paint and do the body work on the trailblazer. It looks great but the problem is my fan is warped and wobbles. I doesn't hit anything and it...
  13. unidentified transmission noise

    OEM Issues
    hey all! This is my first time posting as I am a new member. I have a few issues maybe you can help! I have a 2002 trailblazer LS with 4 wheel drive and an automatic. -At aprox. 45mph and 61mph I hear a mechanical rattling sound coming from under the truck right around the drivers seat. I have...