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fan clutch

  1. Fan Clutch Help

    OEM Issues
    Hi All, Want to preface this by saying that I have looked through many threads regarding the electro-viscous fan clutch, and I'm still stumped. The problem started on a long road trip, where it threw a fan speed too high code. Since the road trip the fan would not seem to change speed, nor was...
  2. Cooling Fan rattle and P0495 code: related?

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I've got a 2006 TB (4.2, V6, 4WD) with 218200 on it. She's old. Recently got a rebuild transmission installed, and just did the starter myself yesterday. Now, the next project... On a recent move from CO to CA I noticed two things. First the code (P0495) was thrown as I was climbing up I-70...
  3. New fan clutch, sounds like a jet when I start up.

    I had the fan clutch and water pump replaced in my 05 TrailBlazer back in August. Now every time I start the truck it sounds like a jet engine going off for about 20 - 30 seconds then calms down. I've read about people saying this happens during cold weather but it does it no matter what the...
  4. bubbling coolant reservoir overheating engine

    hey guys how are you, i am new to the forum and i was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with this issue i have with my car, it is a 2002 tb lt, just bought a couple days ago, when i tested it, it drove fine, a couple days later it started to overheat, the ac is also not that cold, the fan...
  5. 03 TB LT EXT still overheating

    OEM Issues
    Ok this is what has been done: Replaced Fan Clutch a year ago (twice because the first one was bad within a month) Replaced Radiator, hoses, clamps, cap (done this past week) Water Pump replaced (Also replaced this past week) Thermostat replaced last year (done before fan clutch because no one...
  6. 05 TB Install Efan kit or replace fan clutch?

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Hi all, So the fan clutch on my 05 I6 has crapped out on me, leaving me with the decision of if I should replace the clutch or go with a Efan kit from PCMofNC. The internet seams to be divided on aftermarket Efans for the TB's, some saying that the added power draw is too much for the...
  7. possible fan clutch/transmission issues???? help!!!

    OEM Issues
    ok so I recently had to take in my 05 trailblazer due to fan clutch and possible transmission issues. the shop is still looking at it and I figured getting a few more opinions couldn't hurt. I have the 4.2l 6 cylinder engine with 4x4. the engine has been popping fan over speed codes for about...
  8. Replaced water pump

    OEM Issues
    Hey guys new to the forum i have a big problem i replaced the water pump in my 2006 trailblazer LS 4.2 V6 and now the fan clutch wont turn on at all and the car keeps overheating i dont know what i did wrong and i need to fix a.s.a.p if any of you can give me some advice or thoughts i need it...
  9. [SOLVED] Replaced fan clutch and thermostat, still clicks

    The "How-To" and DIY Section
    Sorry guys but I have another "fan clutch" thread. I was hearing a clicking sound on my 03 trailblazer (100K miles) that disappeared when I disconnected the link to the fan clutch. From what I have been reading, that is a classic sign that it is about to go. Then I started getting engine...
  10. Fan Clutch Wiring P0483 Fan Clutch Diagnosis

    OEM Issues
    Hi All, Below are the printed diagrams from Alldata for diagnosing your fan clutch. Also a TSB and a circuit wiring diagram. Just thought I'd share. Fan Clutch Wiring: Diagnosing fan clutch performance P0483: Fan Clutch Service Bulletin:
  11. 4.2 Fan Clutch Replacement with Pictures

    OEM Issues
    Hi All, With reading various threads and searching down a problem of my own I noticed there wasn't a good thread on fan clutch replacement with pictures. I did read a lot of posts and people were complaining about this being the worst job they have ever done and it's really not all that bad...
  12. Summer driving got you down? Temps up? A/C Poor? Sweat the small stuff!

    OEM Issues
    Hello all, After sweating in traffic for a few weeks now and my TB running hot and frustrating the living hell out of me I decided on the HOTTEST days of the year to address this issue once and for all. I got stuck in a two hour traffic jam that really prompted me to take a serious look at my...
  13. No AC

    OEM Issues
    I am a novice mechanic, just been working on my cars. I just bought an 03 trailblazer with 86K miles. I bought it on a cold day so I didn't notice the AC wasn't working until later. I have the sliders (manual control) for the AC. I put two 24 oz of r134a in. When I was filling it the AC...
  14. Fan Clutch??

    Driving down the hi-way, all of a sudden my check engine light, ABS and what I think might be the Low Power Light (big check engine with with downward arrow) a loud fan noise and lack of engine power. 2006 GMC ENVOY Does this sound like the Fan clutch? After shutting the truck off, i checked to...
  15. Am I being robbed on fan clutch coolant thermostat?

    OEM Issues
    Hey Guys This is my first post here. I'm a medical scientist and not an engineer or knowledgeable mechanic so bear with me. My trailblazer (2004, 4x4, 4.2L v6) has been making a bit of a humming noise when accelerating to highway speeds. The check engine light is also on which is apparently...
  16. replacing fan clutch without spanner?

    I'm going to change the fan clutch in my 2003 Chevy trailblazer EXT. Do I need the special spanner tool to remove the clutch nut from the water pump, or can I use regular wrenches? Thanks, Sean
  17. Fan Clutch problems

    OEM Issues
    So I am having a dilemma here. 2 days ago my 4.2 fan clutch started that jet engine sound. Drove around for a day with the SES light on. Went out the next morning and started the beast. No SES light and no jet engine noise. Now while i am driving i can hear a faint squeal or grinding sound...
  18. only passenger side a/c works and RPMs are jumping around

    I just had my fan clutch replaced this morning because it went bad. As I left the shop I kicked on the A/C and rolled up the windows. I immediately saw the RPm gauge jump to almost 0 RPM's, then it went back up to normal. I sat there for a bit and it continued to do this till I shut off the A/c...
  19. Coolant/Overheating Problem

    OEM Issues
    2004 Trailblazer Ext, 4.2L Hello everyone. About 2 weeks ago my Check engine light came on; I stayed on for around 2 days and went off. I got to an Auto Zone after it went off and had the code read, they said the code that came up was for low coolant temp, during this whole time my temp gauge...
  20. It died! I killed it! 4.2 heaven! Fan Clutch - Water Pump - P0304 - P0300- Engine!

    OEM Issues
    Well this is a long drawn out story that is worth writing and I thought I'd take a few minutes to share some experiences worth hearing about. All started a week ago, I was towing my RV back from Indiana and the TB started overheating, Check engine light was on and it turned out to be a bad fan...