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  1. Exterior
    Hello guys, I have a 2006 trailblazer ls and I've been thinking about painting the the black plastic part of my rest bumper with matte black plasti dip. My intention is to restore the color of the plastic and give it a nice look. What do yall think?
  2. Exterior
    I have a 03 envoy and have been having problems finding decent sites for accessories most i find lump the envoy in with trucks. I prefer being able to find vehicle specific parts. Anyone have a good expierece buying a brush guard, third brake lights and accessories and what site did you get...
  3. Exterior
    Still a beginner so its nothing incredibly special compared to other blazers out there lol I have done some mods since my latest posts so here ya go let me know what you guys think! Tinted reflectors Tinted turn signal covers Tinted 3rd brake light Found these kicker stickers laying...
  4. Exterior
    should i paint the area's that i boxed in red?:confused:
  5. General
    :confused:What's up everyone...:confused: Maybe everyone here can help me and I know its a stupid question but I have to ask. Im looking for things to buy from online places for my TB SS like accessories, interior mods, exterior mods, engine mods and other stuff that I wanna do. Every website...
  6. Exterior
    I've done my search so please do not get mad. But what I am look'n for is the part number for the grill piece that has the bow tie. I would like the parts number for the white one or any place or website that it may be found at. thanks for any advise.
  7. badgless

    after a hearpounding half-hour of taking the badges off but looks good
1-7 of 8 Results