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  1. 02-09 Vortec 5.3L V8 Engine and Drivetrain
    As said in the title I want my engine immortalized. I've read extensively on it but would like to hear tips and tricks to hopefully fill the gaps or oversights I may have. I have experience with the standard 4.8 but this engine is a bit different. My engine is an LM4 with 799 heads, same as the...
  2. General
    I have a question. What exactly can homelink do. I have heard about the garage door opener, but not too sure what the other portion is for. The part with what looks like stop, play, and record buttons.
  3. OEM Issues
    My instrument cluster in my 05 EXT is all wonky. My oil pressure and temperature gauges are shot and stuck in the same position. My speedo has a mind of its own, starting at all different points, 35, 70, 130. What can I do to fix this besides sending it in, I have been soldering since I was 7...
  4. General
    I have an 04 trailblazer with the 4.2l, giving me absolute fits. For some reason, it randomly stalls at stop lights when the A/c or heat is all the way on. it usually acts like a slow stall, the RPMs drop way low, then quits, but then it starts right back up after i put it in neutral or park...
  5. Suspension
    I have a 2002 Trailblazer EXT 4x4 and I am having a hard time finding a lowering kit, I want to lower the truck from the factory height and level it off but I can't find a kit to do that for an EXT 4x4. Any suggestions/links?
1-5 of 5 Results