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  1. Can't put fuel in tank-05 trailblazer

    So, I filled up the tank with no issues, drove about 125 miles and stopped to put more fuel in the tank. Well, the gas pump handle kept cutting of, so 30 minutes and 8 gallons later, it was filled. Took it to the repair shop and they spent the morning troubleshooting the filler, vent lines and...
  2. '07 V8 Denali

    Gas gauge sender crapped out, so I hired a young fellow to replace the fuel pump and the sender with a Bo$ch unit. Fuel pump apparently runs great, and its nice to know -- after about a year -- how much fuel I have left. However, my check engine is either still on, or came back on, and a scan...
  3. What am I missing (literally)?

    OEM Issues
    I just bought a 2006 Trailblazer LS. The CEL came on Saturday, and I pulled the code. It is P0496 "EVAP purge during non-purge condition". So my first step was to look at the relevant components, and I found that the car is missing something. A picture would be worth a thousand words, but I...
  4. P455 my wits end !

    ok, here goes . I've had my SES light on for over a year. It switches between p442 or 455. I tried everything I could find posted here.", so Ibrought it in to a dealer. After 5 hrs they told me there's nothing wrong with the vehicle, that the gas cap probably wasn't seated right. The same...
  5. P0455 and No power to Vent Valve

    2005 Trailblazer 4.2L I6: Recently purchased this vehicle and had a new fuel pump installed since the fuel gauge was not working. Immediately afterwards, I was getting the P0455 code. Tried the new gas cap, then had them check their connections again, but still getting the code. Rather than...
  6. Check Engine Light P1441 Evap no purge

    OEM Issues
    I know that there are several threads relating to the P1441 code however I have an unusual circumstance and I was hoping someone could confirm my diagnosis and save me the 90 dollars for a smoke test. About 5 or 6 months ago, I replaced my fuel filter and my friend that helped me broke the...
  7. Fuel fill neck and hose part numbers

    I have an evap code P0442 which I thought was due to a bad fuel cap (old one had a cracked O ring). Replaced it and light was out for a couple weeks. Light came back on recently. Also around the same time I was smelling fuel after filling as if I had spilled some, but I hadn't. Long story short...
  8. P0496 and Won't Start after Getting Gas!!

    OEM Issues
    Guys, The past two times my wife has filled up with gas, the car has been extremely hard to start, requiring 20 seconds of cranking and finally putting her foot on the gas. It then runs erratically for the first minute or so. After that, it runs fine until time to put more fuel in it. Two...
  9. p0446 Evap Emission Control System, Vent System Performance

    OEM Issues
    Recently Popped this code on my 2006 Trailblazer I-6. Could this possibly be due to a loose gas cap or am i looking at something a little more in depth?