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  1. Envoy SS/Envoy Denali SS???

    Has anybody thought about modding an Envoy/Envoy Denali like Mods like LS2 Engine w/Active Fuel Management Sport Mode Economy Mode 20" TBSS Wheels/GMC center wheel caps Brembo Brakes HID Headlights Chrome Grill Exhaust Bumper (Stock Exhaust) Chrome Exhaust Tip LED Taillights Spoiler SS Emblem...
  2. I now have a "TrailVoy SS"

    Happened across an ebony Envoy dash for sale on Ebay and, well, two months later I finally assembled all the other parts needed to do the Envoy dash conversion in my 2008 TBSS. Spend about $400 for all the parts (including console, which I got by trading a G8 GT bumper I had laying around at a...