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  1. '06 Envoy Denali 'floating' while driving

    OEM Issues
    Problem 1st then story. When I am driving down the road, I turn the wheel from side to side and the truck just floats like I have 4 flat tires! I know the front drivers' side wheel bearing needs to be replaced (and that's probably part of the problem) but I know there's more to it.. When I jack...
  2. Problem with Lower Ball Joint on 08 Envoy Denali - help!

    OEM Issues
    :coffeeHello, I'm having trouble replacing the lower ball joints on my 2008 Envoy Denali. the car has about 160k on it and is originally from michigan so has a far amount of rust on it.. I detached all connecting arms and upper ball joint, as well as, the nut going to the lower ball joint but...
  3. Envoy SS/Envoy Denali SS???

    Has anybody thought about modding an Envoy/Envoy Denali like Mods like LS2 Engine w/Active Fuel Management Sport Mode Economy Mode 20" TBSS Wheels/GMC center wheel caps Brembo Brakes HID Headlights Chrome Grill Exhaust Bumper (Stock Exhaust) Chrome Exhaust Tip LED Taillights Spoiler SS Emblem...
  4. Angel Eyes/Halo lights

    Hello fellow trailvoy memebers! I had a question about putting in some angel eyes in a stock headlight assembly for my '06 denali. I found these: I'm just curious if it...
  5. 2006 GMC Envoy Denali Chirp Noise in Front End

    Ok, I know that there has been probably a thousand questions about noises in the front end of a TrailVoy, but I have one neither I nor my mechanic can find the answer to and I need help. FYI - 2006 GMC Envoy Denali (5.3L V8) with 39,000 miles and relatively new (~2,000 miles) Michelin® LTX™ M/S...
  6. Wifes Denali

    Wifes Denali

  7. Envoy Denali

    Envoy Denali

  8. Envoy Denali

    Envoy Denali

  9. Envoy Denali

    Envoy Denali

  10. Envoy Denali

    Envoy Denali

  11. Bikini Carwash

    Bikini Carwash

    Girl #2
  12. Bikini Carwash

    Bikini Carwash

  13. Quad HID's

    Quad HID's