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  1. General
    Hey guys, I hope this will help some of you when you need to replace your sway bar end links. It is an easy job and in the video I give some tips that I learned to make it go faster! Let me know what you think! And if you like the video, give it a "thumbs up" on YouTube for me (it helps me...
  2. Suspension
    Last night I tore the outer tie rod end link boot trying to separate it from the steering knuckle during a CV Shaft replacement. Energy suspension sells replacements, but by measurement only. I was wondering if someone here had the measurements or the part numbers so that I can replace it. I...
  3. Suspension
    Let me know what you think. Add anything? Questions? Disclaimer: This is by no means an exact how to guide. This is how “I” did it. Your open to do things my way or your own. This job was done on my 2002 TB. Im unaware if there are differences between the years or models of 360s. Ok…. So you...
1-3 of 3 Results