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  1. [SOLVED] Backup Camera

    Audio and Electronics
    Hello all. I recently installed a new head unit with DVD and am adding a backup camera. I have the camera installed, including powering the camera from the reverse lights and the RCA cord is connected to my head unit. I now need to tap into the reverse light wire from the head unit so that it...
  2. 2003 TrailBlazer Rear Electrical Problems

    I believe I am having overall electrical issues with my 2003 I-6 Trailblazer. Below are the following things happening. 1.) When turning the rear defrost on, all the doors power locks and windows trip on and off. You hear a clicking noise and the lights on the buttons correspond as well. 2.)...
  3. Iphone Adapter

    Audio and Electronics
    does anyone use an "isimple tranzit" ipod/iphone kit for factory stereo? if so how does it work and how easy is it to install? i attached a link of the one im looking at. any feedback would be great! Thanks...
  4. Mirror Memory...what was that?

    OK, my driver side mirror got busted so I replaced it with an after market Kool Vue mirror which I am very happy with considering is saved me almost $400.00 for supply and install at the dealer. The mirror is fully operational although for some reason it cannot remember the memory seat recall...
  5. Factory DVD has No Power

    Audio and Electronics
    Alright, this is my first post but an important post. I have a 2004 trailblazer EXT which is pretty much loaded (which may be the first problem). My current issue is that over the holiday break (2009) the overhead DVD stopped for the long part of the story. SIMPLE...So I went...
  6. Tuning software/hardware for 4.2 i6?

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Aye, just wondering if their is any aftermarket Tuning software/hardware for 4.2 i6 avalable? I am pondering swapping injectors to a larger size/fi project:grouphug:, but how to tune it, idk?