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  1. Passenger front door electric shot!

    i need help with my front passenger door on my 2002 traillazer. the electric does not work. locks,window,mirror, light when door opens, etc... i have no clue the window will work every now and then ill put it down but then it wont go back up, after toying with it for a out a half hour it might...
  2. Slightly Rough Idle even after Tune up, other weird problem.

    Good to be here fellas! I did some searching but waaay too many things came up on here, so my apologies if this has been addressed already.Kinda lengthy but here it goes... The other day, my car(2002 Trailblazer LS) was shaking badly while at a stop and then hesitated while pushing the gas, then...
  3. dashboard electrical wiring color coding

    My TB had a handsfree device installed years ago and needless to say it is way out of date so I removed it and found that the installer had drilled a hole in the stock dash plug where the 4x4 switch would be if it was 4 wheel drive. I was unable to find another dash plug anywhere on the net so I...
  4. Seat Heaters Not Working

    The only things I do not like about my TB are some of the electrical problems I've had - minor, but still real pains in the butt!! Recently (thank goodness it was the end of the winter) both of my front seat heaters konked out simultaneously. I know it can't be the heater pack or anything like...
  5. major electrical problems

    OEM Issues
    i am in desperate need of help. it all started with the heated seats not working and i come to find that a metal bracket on the seat had broken and picked a wire. By this time the power seats did not work. i then checked the fuse box under the back seat and found the mini circuit breaker was...
  6. One thing leads to another

    Thanks to help from "The Roadie", I fixed my reverse lights by replacing the fuse. How did I figure the fuse was bad? I took a similar fuse, swapped places with the existing fuse, and the lights worked. Not to mention, the old fuse was obviously burnt just by looking at it:duh:. Well, I tried...
  7. Major Envoy Fuse Problem

    OEM Issues
    My stupid friend jumped his truck off my 2002 Envoy and hooked up the cables to my fuse box under the hood rather then the battery. Now the majority of the things that are in the rear fuse panel don't work (radio, heat, auto seats, rear defrost) - the only thing I can tell that works for sure...
  8. Codes...aren't they supposed to be in Games?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I replaced my ECT (electronic coolant Sensor) after reading my code that it was bad. Two weeks later the engine light came back on and read the same Code.... I checked my other sensor plugs and added electrical...
  9. 2005 TB HID Low Beam Problem

    Hi everyone, I don't post as often as I'd like to, but I stay current with reading everything in the forums here. I have a problem with HID low beams turning completely off and on intermittently (not flickering or dimming) while driving. Sometimes it does it slowly while other times it flashes...