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  1. Electric clicking sound, door post, drivers side

    So we are experiencing a 'clicking' sound that is not really loud from the driver's side door post (the post where the door latches) when the car is shut off. You can put your ear to the plastic post material and here it clicking. It is not hot, but it does seem to be draining the battery (will...
  2. [SOLVED] NOT SOLVED!!!help with rear speakers

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    So I am having the same issues everyone else seems to be having but with a slight variable. I have an 03 trailblazer lt ext and the rear speakers do not work. I did notice the other day that the back left turn on for a short amount of time. So I pulled the speaker today and reconnected it, I...
  3. please help!! electric window problems

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone. I bought my 08 trailblazer lt used back in July with 94k miles. The vehicle was a fleet vehicle, then sold to some people in west Virginia and was well kept. Everything with the vehicle has been great...except the mild slowness of the front passenger window. In the summer it was...
  4. Electric problem?

    Audio and Electronics
    My 2002 GMC ENVOY SLT came with a problem. the windshield wipers were faulty. they stop working randomly and freeze and shut off in times of improtance. i went to the dealer for the recall and they said that tis something different( bull sh*t ) but any way. recently i noticed some symptoms...
  5. Strange electrical issues

    Hi all. Just purchased a certified 08 Trailblazer LT1. Love it so far, but have been noticing a few issues, and wonder if I could get some advice before making an appointment with the dealer (which is over an hour away). 1) Passenger window is slow to rise, sometimes stops completely. I'm...
  6. Help my electrical system went crazy and now no start

    OEM Issues
    A couple of weeks ago I blew a fuse in the box under the hood that kept the engine from starting. This happened a couple of times but no one seemed to know what was causing the problem. I bought a box of fuses and did not pursue the problem because I was having other health related problems...