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  1. Introductions
    Hi everyone. Thank you for being part of this forum. I am having trouble with the daytime running lights. There are times when the DRL do not want to shut off once you exit the vehicle or the DRL will turn on in the middle of the night when I am inside the house sleeping. Is there a ghost...
  2. General
    There used to be an approximate 2 minute headlight delay when turning off engine and taking out key after dark (whether staying in the vehicle or after closing the door upon getting out), but the headlight do not come on and hold for that approximate 2 minute delay Anya longer. It seems like I...
  3. Exterior
    Anyone know where I can get ahold of a DRL Kill that does the quad beams? Looking to install Hids in low beams and fogs on my 06 SS, but wanting them to stay on when I switch on the high beams too. I don't want DRLs but automatic headlights are okay.... anyone got the go to guy?
  4. Exterior
    i followed the directions exactly from the site and hooked everything up the right way as far as i could tell checked my HI 4 and that worked just fine but now when i am driving my car my DRL are still on and burning up my ballasts from my hids pictures will be posted of install if any one can...
  5. Exterior
    Hey everyone Anyone ever used their fog lights as DRL's with HID's? I want to put HID's on, but I still like having my running lights. I'm not so sure about doing the capacitor mod, and I thought it might be possible to wire the fogs into the running lights. My only other thought is putting...
  6. Exterior
    This thread is an attempt to ween out some of the HID threads on the site. Seems that nobody (noobs mostly) want to search anymore and its quite annoying to browse the forums and have every other post be HID related.:hissy: So here we go i hope this answers most of the questions regarding HIDs...
1-6 of 7 Results