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  1. Exterior
    So i just picked up another trailblazer 2007 LT i love hid hav e them on my bikes but my acura came with them. There is alot of info about the instal process and what i need. I just want someone to tell me what to get as far as DRL killer and relays, Im confused on that part i would like to do...
  2. Exterior
    OK, So I have been doing a lot of reading and searching here lately about adding HID's to my 03 Envoy XL. I've got a pretty decent understanding of why I'd want to kill the DRL's etc so that the HIDs get full power and all of that stuff. I've been considering what options I would like best...
  3. Exterior
    Anyone know where I can get ahold of a DRL Kill that does the quad beams? Looking to install Hids in low beams and fogs on my 06 SS, but wanting them to stay on when I switch on the high beams too. I don't want DRLs but automatic headlights are okay.... anyone got the go to guy?
  4. Exterior
    I had a shop install Jetttstream's DRL killer in my 06 LT (QUAD w/ AUTO w/ FOG). Unfortunately, the lights don't work properly and the shop is near my parents' place 80 miles away. Can anyone look at the pics and maybe decipher what is wrong? I no longer have the instructions that were sent...
  5. Exterior
    i followed the directions exactly from the site and hooked everything up the right way as far as i could tell checked my HI 4 and that worked just fine but now when i am driving my car my DRL are still on and burning up my ballasts from my hids pictures will be posted of install if any one can...
1-5 of 5 Results