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  1. Driver's side heated mirror

    So this past week at the dealership I finally found out why my driver side heated mirror is not working. Last year in January had my car at the dealership and included in the list of work was diagnosing why my driver side heated mirror was out along with my rear window defroster only having the...
  2. Fried circuit driver's side window controls

    For the second time, the driver's side window controls in my 2004 Envoy SE stopped working. And for the second time I gutted it and found a fried circuit board! :mad: So two questions: Why does this keep happening? Water maybe? GMC thought it would never get a raindrop on it? Should there be...
  3. Rear Drivers Side Power Window Not Rolling Up

    Hello Everybody, So the glass itself feels like it slipped off the track or something to that extent. The motor is not burned out because I can hear it just fine. What is all involved in fixing this issue? Any good tutorials would be much appreciated. I just don't want to break anything...
  4. Advise on diagnosing front inner bearing replacement.

    4x4 Drivetrain
    I would like to confirm that the inner bearing on the driver side needs to be replaced. When I Grab the end of the CV going into it, there is up and down play. Don't know how much if any is normal or if there should be any play at all. The hub on this side was recently replaced, reducing the...