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  1. Audio and Electronics
    I have a 2007 Trailblazer LT 4WD and i'd like to have DIC. Is it possible to upgrade to a Instrument Panel with this feature?
  2. Interior
    Would someone be able to answer a few questions for me since I've seen peeps have done this successfully? I've been pouring through the forums, but the puzzle is still scattered. :bonk: First, I have a base model 07 Trailblazer. Do I need to purchase a cluster that has DIC? Mine cycles through...
    Hey guys, As the latest Trailvoy Supporting Vendor family member, I just wanted to take this opportunity to share our new Driver Information Center (DIC) Plug & Play Harness & Kit and new valance designs that will make TBSS owners decision on exhausts much easier. DIC Harness & Kit We finally...