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  1. It's DIY Repair Time again; Water Pump, CV Boots, Pinion Seal, Sway Bar Links

    OEM Issues
    My favorite time of year... Well recently had some noise coming from the fan clutch / water pump area and took it to a dealership to get their opinion and they state it is the water pump that needs replaced. However, I just replaced both about 2 years ago so I thought it was odd. Anyway, here...
  2. [SOLVED] Serpentine belt

    OEM Issues
    I have been reading many threads about belt sizes. I have looked online and in both the owners manual and the Haynes manual. I cant seem to find which belt size I need for my 03 Envoy SLT XL 4.2. Anyone know? There are 2 options 130 and 150. I cant find the amp rating of my alt.