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  1. General
    After a LOT of reading and 3 mechanics i need the help of the forum. I have been searching for a sound that is of a bearing going bad type. Here are the symtoms. Noise only under load and its after acceleration. When i remove the foot off the gas then a bearing like noose comes into play. It is...
  2. 4x4 Drivetrain
    Hey everyone, I'm hearing clanking noises on the front end, my front differential is leaking fluid from my driver's side axle, and my drive shaft turns freely in park but not in neutral. It's a 2006 TB with a switch that can switch from 2WD to auto to 4WDup and 4WD down. I bought the TB in...
  3. General
    Im in the process of replacing my "neutral safety switch" and I have the 2 screws out aswell as the 2 connectors. But I still cant take off the switch, It keep hitting the driveshaft. Can someone help me out? Maybe im missing something *Ps, I used the search before I made this post*
  4. OEM Issues
    Hello everyone. I'm new to the site, and I did some searching around for any threads that have a similar description but I haven't found any so far. I have an 05 TB LT EXT with 4 wheel drive. The noise that is coming from the front end almost sounds like a bad wheel bearing, but the weird thing...
1-4 of 4 Results