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  1. Parasitic Draw i was told

    Audio and Electronics
    Help. I have a 04 Trailblazer and it looks like I have a Parasitic Draw on it. Battery has been swapped 3x already and it has a brand new alternator. I have removed every fuse and still has a large draw. Only fuse that makes it go down is the 125 Mega Fuse. What could it be? Every night...
  2. Texas say HOWDY!

    Im a new member from College Station Texas. I have a 2004 trailblazer LS 2WD. Good to be here!! Thanks for a great site for our problems!! I have two issues and they may be related. I have already done tons of work on my 04 trailblazer. My problem is, that she is starting to lag all the way...
  3. Envoy dead battery almost everyday

    I've got a 2005 GMC Envoy XL. It use to be that if it wasn't driven for a week the battery would die. Now the battery dies in less than 24 hours after being driven. It does have an aftermarket head unit as well as an overhead DVD player, both installed by a 3rd party, through the dealer when...
  4. Parasitic Battery Drain

    Ok, I know there are many threads out there about dead batteries, but I haven't found any with specifically like what my '02 Envoy XL is doing. My battery (now replaced for the third time) has a slow drain that causes the vehicle to start slowly after sitting 4 days. If you let the Envoy sit...
  5. Sunroof rear drain lines

    Does anyone know where the rear drain lines are for the sunroof? Are there any? My sunroof has been leaking a lot, the front drains are clear I dump water in the channel and it drains out quickly, which makes me wonder if the rear ones are blocked thus over flowing when parked at a backwards...