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  1. 02-09 General Tech Q&A
    2003 Chevy Trailblazer LS, 4200 engine. I put key into door lock and turn it. It acts like its attached to nothing. Keyfob and inside door lock/unlock works just fine. What do I need to replace to fix this? Want to have parts in hand prior to taking inside door panel off. -Darryl
  2. Exterior
    My drivers door key mechanism quit working. When I removed the door panel I discovered that the lock tab had broke on the lower part of the bar. Everywhere that I look I am unable to find the power door lock actuator with the additional part where the clip slids in. I have posted the picture of...
  3. General
    Greetings. I have an 03 Trailblazer LT and the drivers side front door will not latch shut any longer. The latching fingers give easily and have no resistance, unlike the tension in the other working doors. I took off the door cover and fiddled with the rods and lock mechanism and...
1-3 of 4 Results