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dome light

  1. OEM sources?

    OEM Issues
    First things first, would like to say hello to everyone as I've never posted before. Hope I can get some help for a small annoying problem. The overhead dome light lens in my '06 is busted. And every "OEM" source that Google is giving me is a rip-off. For example; Rydell parts online has the...
  2. [SOLVED] 2006 Envoy XL locks / widows / heated seats not working

    I recently changed the mode actuator because heat was not blowing out the vents. After i have done and buttoned everything up i noticed that the driver side door switches for heated seats, locks, mirror, seat memory would not work. The passenger side is the same. I press unlock/lock from the...
  3. 07 Envoy Rear liftgate

    I have a 2007 envoy. My rear lift gate works on and off. Currently it will not open, my rear windshield wiper does not work, my rear defrost does not work and my keyless entry does not work. I also have no dome lights. I forgot to add that my tire pressure light is always on, even though the...
  4. Splicing under dash lighting

    New to the Trailblazer family and have big plans for my 07 model. One of the first things I wanna do is change my interior lighting package. I want to add LED light strips in my footwells and under my rear seats but I want them to be activated by opening and closing the doors. Has anybody...
  5. dome light and tailgate problem

    The dome lights stay on on a 05 TB and the rear tailgate being slammed shut turned them off. I unplugged the two wire harness to the lower tailgate handle locking mechanism and now dome light shuts off. What is the exact part number or name of the switch/solenoid the recognizes that the...
  6. Need help! Dome lights no longer shut off automatically (or go on)

    Audio and Electronics
    I took a trip and left my '02 TB at the airport over the weekend. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, but after I got back home I noticed two things odd: 1. The dome lights don't shut off automatically when you close the door. You can either have them on all the time or off all the...