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  1. General
    I know this issue may have been addressed but I am unable to find a fix in the forums I have read so far. My issue while similar seems to be unique and unanswered at this time. I will list the issue development and the steps I have taken so far below. Sorry if this is too long but hoping the...
  2. OEM Issues
    When driving at night, the headlights work on bright but when I switch to dim the lights go completely out, but come back on when I switch back to bright. I have tried to turn the headlight switch to on manually instead of automatic and it makes no difference. I am getting ready to dig into...
  3. Interior
    I am looking for one of these dimmer knobs. Does anybody know where to find one?
  4. Interior
    Does anyone know which wire in the harness for the stereo controls the dash lights that dim the stereo along with your instrument panel lights? I am going to mount a little tiny LED light inside of the dash kit for a new deck I am putting in, and I want to jump the wire that is controlled by...
1-4 of 4 Results