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dash lights

  1. General
    I ran into an issue earlier today. I was pulling my head unit out to take a peek at what inputs i had on the back and then promptly re-installed it back to where it belonged. a few ours passed and i went back out to start it up and leave work for the day. i noticed that the security light was on...
  2. General
    My Son had dash lights go out after replacing new battery, which I learned trailblazers are know for this. I replaced the instrument cluster but still no dash lights, every thing works. The odometer dims corectly just not the back lights.traced the circuit board wiring and it test good. pins a5...
  3. General
    My 02 Trailblazer EXT is losing power to the Transfer Case Control Switch, Gauges, Radio (except the Clock), the Rear wiper switch, and the rear HVAC fan switch. At the same time, the dash warning lights come on and I don't have an 'indicator' that tells me what gear I'm in (P,R,N,D,etc.). All...
  4. Interior
    I wanna change out my dash,cluster, gauge lights but i dont know what kindof bulbs it takes. I ve been looking all over but i guess not hard enough. Can anyone help?