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  1. Modernizing TrailBlazer Interior

    So I've been trying to find things to help make my Trailblazer look less aged. The exterior isn't too bad as far as that is concerned, it helps that it followed body language of the of the Silverados going though 2006-2007. I'm sure we can all agree though, that the interior shows its age very...
  2. I Think Im the first one to do this...

    Exhaust Mods
    i customed welded and mounted a set of 98 corvette c5 mufflers on my 2002 bravada. ive been looking around and i cant fine anyone who has done this? :) i sounds absolutly amazing. it has a mean growl to it now! :raspberry:raspberry
  3. Mirror Replacement ?

    Show and Shine
    Hi people, new to this site, looks like alot of intresting things here. So i was wondering where i could get a new PASSENGER MIRROR GLASS, HEATED, POWER (move around), MANUAL RETRACT, dont care if its not OEM. Maybe someone has a part number, a site or anything that can help. THANKS (P.S.)...
  4. Torn Between Custom Fab Console or Manufactured One

    As a starter for those who are not whackers/buffs like I am, and do not cruise the Emergency Equipment section of the forums, here is the link the the thread which I didn't want to completely hijack, so I figured I would ask the general populous for their input...
  5. Custom Air Intake (Part 1)

    Air Induction
    So this past weekend I set out to make a custom intake after much thought and planning I came up with the least intrusive and least expensive option. So then I headed to Lowe's to purchase the parts. (Parts List Below) I have a MAF so I decided it would be smart to not mess with the honeycomb...
  6. Project: BAGD VOY

    Well I pulled the trigger and dropped th Envoy off at Derailed Body Drops here in Cincy. Bryce is who owns the shop and he is a hell of a fabricator. We have big plans for the truck and hope it all pans out. He does this on the side from his fulltime job as a Toyota tech (but was a GM tech for a...
  7. Custom Leather Seats

    Custom Leather Seats

    Couldn't stand the factory fabric seats, so upgraded to 2 tone leather with black stitches.
  8. Two Tone Fabric Seats (done with fabric paint)

    Ok, So I bought this DupliColor fabric and vinyl spray paint from Summit Racing ($7.95 a can). I decided my seats were boring and I wanted to two tone them. My cousin has a TB that has the two tone leather and a Charcoal Wood Grain dash. I am going for the same look because I thought it looked...
  9. JD's Custom Bumper

    Well it finally happened... The bumper project that I started back in late March was finally installed! The bumper started as a Kennesaw Mtn bumper... but with some tweaks, and a lot of custom work. Anyone recognize the resemblance to my old WAAG? The push bars were pushed only 2" out...
  10. how to match bowtie to truck color.please help!

    i was wondering how i could match the front chevy bowtie to the truck color, its like a darkish red......
  11. the master of power

    the master of power

    its a matter of what i like and to me this is realy a car that worth evry $ i gave for it
  12. i love this tire

    i love this tire

    its a matter of what i like and to me this is realy a car that worth evry $ i gave for it
  13. custom rig & style

    custom rig & style

    its a matter of what i like and to me this is realy a car that worth evry $ i gave for it
  14. HPIM0527


  15. HPIM0532


    Fuse Box & Brake Fluid Cap
  16. HPIM0529


  17. HPIM0521


  18. HPIM0509


  19. HPIM0502


  20. HPIM0500