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cruise control

  1. Cruise control cuts out around 95 kms

    I have been having this issue for a little while now. the issue started after i got my PCM tuned but does not make sense that it would have anything to do with this since it will set and work fine at about 95 kms an lower but above 95 kms it will set but them cut out shortly after. My Brake...
  2. New Member - Problems!

    Hey everybody, new member, long time car guy. Grew up with a father who was a Master Technician and Instructor. Rebuilt many an engine and drove many different vehicles in my 54 years. The Problem: 04' Bravada bought new, 195k miles. Paid independent shop of good rep to replace timing...
  3. Cruise control working crazy

    hello every body, this is my first post here i hope you can help me i have Chevy Trailblazer 2004, my cruise control working crazy, when i turn the truck on at the morning or when its still cold i can use the cruise but the problem is when i stop my car goes into rough idle RPM goes Up to 2.5...
  4. Cruise control Works when it wants

    I have a 2004 TB V6 Vortec LS, and for a about a month now the cruise control just works when it wants, and then sometimes going down the road it will be engaged and then suddenly turns off, I have read a few posts, and my tail lights are fine, I know it cant be a fuse cause it still works...
  5. Plug and Play factory options

    Hello all. I just bought an 04 EXT LS. So far I love it. I noticed that based on the VIN and wired gas pedal for Cruis control all I need to do I buy a replacement multi function turn signal. Are there any other factory options as easy as this to install. IE keyless entry, steering wheel...
  6. New Girl....Help Please?

    Hi everyone! I have a 2002 Trailblazer LS 4.2L (all stock) and have recently run into a problem with my cruise control not all. Even though there is no "check engine" light on, I had the codes checked anyway and it also showed none. I’ve noticed there is no specific fuse for it...
  7. So..

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    I had a faulty kit of HIDs, and told the guy that installed them to give my money back, which he did, but when I drove my tb on highway and used cruise control, it didn't work. So I looked at fuses and they are fine, but I'm wondering if he could have taken out the equipment that requires the cc...
  8. Cruise control does not engage at high elevation

    OEM Issues
    I recently took aover and around the Rocky mountains. During the trip, I noticed that my 2003 chevy trailblazer LS I6 would not engage cruise control above @8000 ft altitude. The check engine light comes on when it does not engage. After I drop below the altitude threshold, the engine light...
  9. a few probs i could use some help with

    OEM Issues
    hello everyone, ill get down to business 1. my cruise control does not work and the computer is not telling me there is a problem. 2. the seal on the back driver door is coming off cause it is hitting the door panel when the door shuts. i tried gluing it but that didnt work. 3. i live in...