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  1. [Solution] Crank but no start with P060E and P2101

    OEM Issues
    Howdy y'all! I had posted a question a while back and never got a reply. However, I remember looking through quite a few threads with similar issues without any solutions either. I just figured mine out. This was one of the dumber reasons for a problem. Basically, after swapping in a new motor...
  2. 03 Envoy Started for A Second and Died

    OEM Issues
    Hey all! My 03 Envoy just died on me today :( . I was at work and went out to my car to get some air conditioning for a few minutes (I work in a food truck and the A/C was broken so it was getting up to 100 Degrees inside) I started it and it ran for about a second and then died. I wasn't really...
  3. Audiovox Prestige Aps620n Remote Start Install - Won't crank

    I removed an old Audiovox keyless entry system and installed a Audiovox Prestige Aps620n remote start/keyless entry system. I reused the old Passlock II bypass module for the locks, but didn't have wiring diagram for it, so I bought a cheap Bulldog Security remote start (RS) bypass from Checker...
  4. Removed Battery Cable Now No Start & Run

    OEM Issues
    Removed the battery cable and replaced mid-gate regulator with a new one as it had jumped track and twisted up. Put battery cable back on and tried to start. Motor starts for about 2-3 seconds then dies. I noticed the radio comes on during this 2-3 seconds and then goes out. The windows do the...
  5. 04 TB Running Rough - Crank/Cam Sensors

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Greetings: I have an 2004 TB. The other day it started running really rough and "sputtering", especially in park while it's idling. The SES light was on but the only code was regarding the thermostat (stuck open). I was waiting to do this until it warms up a bit as I live in Michigan and...
  6. 66k time for a new crank???

    OEM Issues
    I havent had many problems with the denali, except for the bad rod bearings and crankshaft. ouch!! I could hear a engine tap right b4 shifts, or if i would rev engine in park. I immediatlly got sick in the stomach. jk.It only has 66k, thought these engines were bulletproof??B4 I panacked I...