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control arm

  1. Control Arms and Ball Joints

    OEM Issues
    So I got an inspection done today because the truck wasn't 'feeling' right. I've got an '05 Trailblazer LTZ 4x4. I haven't really driven it very much over the past few years due to my wife and I working very near each other out of town and carpooling with our much more fuel-efficient Elantra...
  2. Advice? Suggestions?

    Thinking of doing all the sway bar links and tie rods on 2002 Envoy with 320k kms on it, due to getting a bit of a loose feeling in steering and tracking. Found this kit
  3. Lower Control Arm Bushings - Replacement

    A shop told me my 03 TB needs control arm bushings on the front driver side, lower control arm. Is there any harm in not replacing these? It looks like quite an ordeal to change them and seems like changing the control arm bracket, control arm and lower ball joint might be the better way to...
  4. Worn Bushing In Control Arm

    OEM Issues
    I have a worn Bushing in my Control Arm on the Driver's Front -- 2003 Trailblazer 4x4 LT SWB First, is it safe to drive if you know it's worn out? I tried to tighten it, but the bolt was tight. I need to know if I can replace just the Bushing with simple tools, or if I need a press to do...
  5. Crashed frnt right tire is bent back n lean.HELP

    OEM Issues
    i was driving and i hit sum1 elses tire now my front right tire i hit is bent all the way back almost hittin the wheel well i can barely fit my hand between the tire and the wheel well i was wondering what i should do whats broken or what i got pictures maybe you guys have some suggestions on...
  6. how low before upper control arm issues

    So I just bought a set of springs and struts for my 05 xl denali 4wd. My question is how much can i lower this before I have to worry about angle issues affecting my balljoints and tire wear. I will be having an alighnment done right after I install it to correct as much as posible...