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  1. Compressor not kicking on

    OEM Issues
    I know you cannot diagnose over internet. I'm just looking for some ideas of what to check as to why my a/c compressor isn't kicking on. I know it works...just randomly. It has worked a handful of times in a year and a half (when the compressor will kick on). When it does come on, it gets really...
  2. Compressor, Hose & Level Sensors on eBay

    Guys, I tried selling the following items on the marketplace, to no avail. So I have listed these items on eBay with no reserve and free shipping. The auctions include a rear air suspension compressor, the air hose that fits in the tailgate area, and the ride level sensors. All items are...
  3. AC Compressor Grabbing Clapping Sound

    Hi All, Looked around the threads, didn't see this actual prob. Sorry if it's already there. Have a 2002 Bravada that runs great. The AC blows cold and strong, but lately there is a noise coming from under the hood that has me convinced the compressor is about to seize. When the AC is...
  4. AC clutch or compressor

    OEM Issues
    I recently purchased an 2003 trailblazer with ac problems. I have a 02 that was overturned that I am using for some parts. This is an excellent site for information and it has helped me twice, but I still have one problem I can't seem to find the answer for. The ac clutch works sporadically. I...
  5. No AC

    OEM Issues
    I am a novice mechanic, just been working on my cars. I just bought an 03 trailblazer with 86K miles. I bought it on a cold day so I didn't notice the AC wasn't working until later. I have the sliders (manual control) for the AC. I put two 24 oz of r134a in. When I was filling it the AC...
  6. auto leveling and air compressor

    OEM Issues
    Hey everyone, I am new to the site, and from looking around it looks like this is a common problem. I own a 06 envoy and last night i heard the air compressor engaging while parked in the garage (which is flat, no severe slop). The vehicle was turned off and every few seconds the compressor...
  7. OEM Air Ride Compressor

    OEM Issues
    So, anyone know where to find the OEM air ride compressor for cheap? I can't seem to find anything online for less than $345. OEM Compressor
  8. Can you figure out whats wrong with my AC?

    OEM Issues
    I have been trying to track down a problem with my AC for some time now. Yesterday I put in a new fan clutch and engine thermostat. Im a dummy and I didnt switch out the Engine coolant sensor at that same time. Now I think that sensor may be part of my problem. After replacing those parts I...
  9. A/C Questions

    Bought a 2005 ENVOY XL with Manual A/C front and rear. The bad stuff has now hit the fan. Was told (by the dealer from whom I bought the car a year ago) that A/C Compressor is dead and that orifice would have to be replace along with compressor. 1. Are there 2 orifices in this vehicle with the...
  10. After Market A/C Compressor

    OEM Issues
    I have my 04 Envoy checked at Toyota dealer (thats where I got my used Envoy) and found out that the whining noise coming from under the hood is the A/C compressor. The thing is they are going to replace it with a NON-GM Compressor but advice me that it has the same features like the Stock...
  11. Not a 'Whine' Lover

    OK, so I've got the much talked about 'whine' and I think it's the A/C clutch. The only time it temporarily stops is when I turn on the A/C, and only when I am driving slowly. I can hear the whine cutting in and out, but I'm hoping I don't have to replace the whole compressor. Anyone else...