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cold air intake

  1. Air Induction
    A coworker of mine had a universal CAI kit, so I bought it off him for $10, and after a little cutting and a lot of hose clamps this is my first step of my homemade cold air intake. I removed the intake resonator: (2 10mm bolts), and loosened the hose clamps from the throttle body and intake...
  2. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hey guys, was just looking at this site: I typed 2003, chev tb ls6 and theres 2 intakes that pop up, the 300$ one, and a 450$ one that is synthamax, non oiled. should i spend the extra 150$?
  3. The TB

    The TB

    TrueFlow CAI
  4. The TB

    The TB

    TrueFlow CAI
  5. Air Induction
    Here's a few pics of my homemade CAI (for about 20 bucks plus filter). Not sure how the pictures will turn out:bonk::confused: What do you think?
    Guys, As many of you know we have our 'own' air intake (silicone) kits for the TBSS. Well, since we carry knfilters products---we figured it was only right to put them up on the site. We are offering FREE SHIPPING. We are trying to be competitive as possible. If you see a better price on a...
  7. Air Induction
    Last night a took my resonator (air filter cover) off and made some mods that gave my TB some good, noticeable power. The first thing I did was use some parts-store generic, self-adhesive weather stripping to seal the gaps where the resonator meets the washer fluid resevoir. Second, I used a...