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  1. OEM Issues
    So I recently woke up one morning to a knock on my door from a family member asking for a jump because their battery just died. So I get up, throw on some shoes and head out to my 04 TrailBlazer LT and start her up (nice) I walk over to put the cables on the dead battery and right as I turn...
  2. OEM Issues
    Hi everybody, I need some help asap. My battery went out last January in a remote place and I had Walmart replace it. The genius over-tightened the positive terminal and it loosened over time(stripped threads) allowing corrosion to set in. A couple days ago, the terminal finally went...
  3. Suspension
    Hey everyone I have an envoy with Coil suspension. Im going to be loading it with approx 1500lbs of cargo (car audio). Im wanting to eliminate the sag and strain on the suspension. Ive only been able to find coil helper bags that support up to 1000lbs so i was thinking maybe swap over to air...
  4. OEM Issues
    I changed my plugs a short while ago due to a very bad misfire on cylinder #6. the new AC Delco plugs fixed the rough idle and misfire....for about 3 weeks. I was sitting in a drive-thru when the miss returned. now after another 3 weeks today it finally set a CE light, I pulled the code when I...
  5. Introductions
    Ok I have a 04 TB with about 172,000 miles Recently it has started to misfire . I took it had a code p0300 So I replaced the plugs "boots" and found Coil #1 was bad and replaced it. It made it Run better but still shows same code. I have ran a couple bottle of Lucas Fuel Treatment...
  6. OEM Issues
    can I test the coil pack with an ohmeter? Trying to avoid dealer labor, thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results