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  1. Help! I6 Swap, no longer starts

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    I have an 06 TB with the 4.2. The engine was knocking so I bought a used engine. It is out of a 2005. Since the head design is different along with one of the sensor locations, I re-routed the wiring to the "new location". I swapped out the fuel rail because they were different. Once it was...
  2. [SOLVED] Codes P0420, P0430 - SHRTFTB1S2(%) NA, SHRTFTB2S2(%) 99.2

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Sorry if I missed it somewhere else but I have searched this and other forums and no luck with actual answers. Just many people with a lot of questions. Codes - P0420, P0430 Did have one for MAF sensor but cleaned it, cleared codes with OBDII tool, and even left battery unhooked for about 30...
  3. Battery Drained after Re-Setting Code

    Hello everyone, I have a 2007 Trailblazer LS with the I6. I have been having an issue with the battery becoming fully discharged after resetting a code through the OBDII and letting the vehicle sit overnight. This happened once about 3 months ago after resetting a code, and I wasn't sure what...
  4. Programming ECM & Error Codes

    OEM Issues
    Just pulled 10 codes from my 04 TrailBlazer. One for TPS, one for crank sensor, one for cam sensor, and one for ECU (the others were non-related to this). I wanted to start with the ECU as all things connect to it and it seemed a good place to start. Got one from the jy and it won't let me...
  5. Blazer stalled while driving/ codes

    2006 trail blazer 5.3 4 wheel Driving home the other day, car just quit, it would crank but not start, towed it back to the ranch it sat for a while then thought I would give it a try and it started. Idled fine, engine light is now on. I don't yet want to drive it very far as I don't want to get...
  6. Trailblazer codes please help

    OEM Issues
    Been having issues with my brakes locking up with not much pressure on them all,so i brought my car to autozone today and ran the code reader on it. i got codes: c0267, c0291, c0281 the abs light is not on but the brake light next to it is. i already checked the fuse (i believe its the right...
  7. 2006 Check Engine Light and codes

    I have a 2006 Trail Blazer with about 142,000 on it. The check engine light is on so I took it to Auto Zone to find out what is going on. The print out they gave me is kind of faded but it looks like #881 "vacuum leak on engine", #882 "Dirty Throttle Body", #883 "TAC Motor defective". Another...
  8. [SOLVED] Rough Idle/misfire not showing and codes

    I am having a problem with misfiring that I can not pinpoint. When the vehicle is first started the engine runs fine. However after it warms up a little the engine misfires when I come to a stoplight and it also misfires when I am cruising on the highway at around 2100 rpm. I have a code...
  9. [SOLVED] ABS Code C0400 - 2004 Trailblazer

    First post. My 2004 Trailblazer had it's ABS light come on a few days ago. I just got it scanned at our local fix-it place, and it came up with a C0400. He said this was an undocumented code and I have to go to the GM Dealer for a fix. Anyone know what the fix might entail ($$$)? I did a...