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climate control

  1. Raer control radio

    Hallo all I recently found this forum. I have a trailblazer ltz 2005 the problem that I have is the back control radio the screen is not working. every thing else is working fine. I'm not shure if is a fuse problem I check and everything is fine. Thnx for everything nice forum. :):)
  2. HVAC Issue

    OEM Issues
    If my Freon leaked down would that stop the heat from working? A little back story. About 2 weeks ago driving along with a/c on. Had a foul smell inside the passenger compartment, after a minute or two the air stopped. I'm going to guess that the smell was a Freon leak, didn't smell electrical...
  3. Climate Control working sporadically

    I have a 2005 Envoy with 228,000 miles. Recently the climate control display will not work all the time, which in turn means no heat (or air if it was warm enough to use). The majority of the time it will turn on after 15 minutes or so of driving. Other times if I hit the side of the dash on...
  4. Heat/ac issue

    i have a 2005 chevy trailblazer LS. it has been rock-solid in its 96000 miles. but in the last 6 or 8 months i have been having a slight issue with it. hopefully someone has some insights... it started in the winter. i would put the heat/defogger on and it would take a verrrry long time to...
  5. Frequent Climate Resets

    2004 TB LS 4WD 4.2 I have an issue with the climate control and damper doors and not blowing where it should. If I pull the fuse to recalibrate the A/C will blow where it should . When I turn it to defrost it does what it is supposed and sometimes it will go back to A/C correctly sometimes...
  6. Can't adjust digital climate control temps

    I have an 03 Trailblazer LTZ with dual digital climate control. The fan speed and vents work fine but I cannot adust the desired temp. It's currently stuck at 80 and turning the knobs on either driver or passenger does nothing. Am I gonna have to just drive in the summer with windows down n no...
  7. Rear sear Climate Control MOD

    Hello, this is my first post and would just like to thank everyone for the plethora of information that can be found here. Currently my TrailBlazer has the "standard" rear seat climate control with the knob and the "PWR" button. I am curious can I replace the current REAR seat climate control...
  8. climate control fan front n rear

    OEM Issues
    anybody have a clue on why the auto control fans for the front and rear either stop, slow down when fan increased, pulse on and off higher lower speeds. the fan would be set on high but no blow then it works slowly and then all of the sudden works fine. resistor packs? fan switch(although the...
  9. DIC and Climate Controls

    OEM Issues
    Hello Everyone, I'm searched through the forums for an answer to my question, and Roadie seemed to be onto one but I want to explain my specific problem before I attempt to fix the issue. A couple days ago I had an iSimple installed into my vehicle. After it was installed everything worked...
  10. climate control only works driver vents

    OEM Issues
    i just bought a 02 tb LT with the I6 in it and didnt notice the problem with the hvac.. wouldnt have bought if like that if i knew and unfortunately it was (as is) so.... yeah i gotta fix this and am not paying a deal or mechanic to do something i can do with the right info. so i been looking...
  11. Automatic Climate Control

    I have a 2003 Trailblazer with automatic climate controls. Most of the time it work ok, but once in a while, it will 1. No fan (any speed) or 2. No Air or 3. No heat Doesn't seem to go with any pattern, It just start screwing up.. Then all of the sudden it starts working normal again...
  12. 2003 Blazer heat no ac? open to suggestions

    My 03 ext climate control unit will not function at all, whether its on 1-5 manual speeds or on auto climate control. It stopped working few days ago and since then nothing has worked except for one instance where the fan kicked on full blast for a min or so but then stopped again. I have read...
  13. 2002 Bravada AWD intro

    Hi -- Ralph here -- stock Bravada AWD 130kmiles xcellent ---issues have been a few 1--AWD transfer case encoder motor locked up replaced (twice so far) 2--memory mirrors and backup settings went haywire and GM attempts to fix failed 5-times under warranty... they wore me down and it's still a...