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  1. Newbie offering ss alloys

    Hello, my name is willdogg811 and I'm a Denali owner. (group: Hi willdogg) 06' envoy 5.3 black on black wifes daily. Usually I only get to drive it if I made a repair and test. Anyhow, I just registered so I could offer up a good deal for someone living in the south. And I'm sure some pointers...
  2. Dorman Door Handles?

    Community Help
    Anyone know the difference between Dorman interior door handles and regular stock door handles? Why is Dorman so expensive, is it ANY better made or what? I want to replace my stock inside black plastic handles for the chrome ones. Rock Auto has the chrome for $11 versus $39+ for the dormans...
  3. chrome side moldings

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hey, I was wondering if there's a place to buy chrome side moldings, as I removed the stock ones. I have seen envoys on here with them, but not tbs. Thanks
  4. Chrome Accessories

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hello Forum, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about these chrome pieces. Would you recommend them?
  5. Chrome Pieces

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hello Forum, So I've been interested in looking at chrome mirror covers, door handles, and door pillars. I have searched them online on ebay and I'm wondering if there is a difference in chrome mirror covers, are some covering half the mirrors, and some full? Because I want a full chrome mirror...
  6. should I paint my rims?

    I just wanted an opinion from you guys on whether or not to paint my rims. I cant decide if the chrome is a nice accent to the vehicle or to black them out.
  7. Flowmaster Super 10

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hey Guys, Im gonna get a flowmaster super 10 in the spring, should i go dual exhaust? (custom bending of pipes, aluminum i think) or single? plus im gonna get new tips and have it straight piped. So, my question is, is there more volume with 2 pipes than with one? (because muffler is single in...
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  9. Exterior mods time - lots of stuff

    My first exterior mods on my TrailBlazer I got last January. Got the front windows tinted 15% and the tint strip across the windshield. Also got a chromed aluminum grill/protector inserts. Not a very good photo of it now that I look at it, hard to see that it's horizontal lines and not...
  10. Grill Mod by Pro-Tuning Labs

    Has anyone purchased the Grill that Pro-Tuning Labs sells? If so, please post a pic. GMC Envoy Chrome Grill: BTW. I put in their Halo Fogs and are pretty happy with them.
  11. Rims on the Brain

    Wow, I really didn't think shopping for rims would be this hard and make me so indecisive. :bonk: I was originally looking at the 22" Zinik Z13 Luina rims for my EXT. I first saw them here on this guys trailblazer: I thought they looked sweet and I was set...
  12. slick


  13. nice rear end

    nice rear end

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  15. Added some more CHROME, lemme know wut u think...

    Added some more CHROME, lemme know wut u think...

    New Brush Gaurds